Professional Advocates of AMANO™

Simon Woods - Professional Wine Writer

March 2020

We had absolutely no idea that the Professional Wine Writer, Simon Woods, has owned an Original AMANO for over 25 years until now and, better still,  it's ...

"still in regular use"


March 2020

The leading dental health website, MouthPower, has done a fabulous review of our NeoClassic AMANO

Thank you Stephanie and David for your fabulous endorsement.

And recognition of our pukka Green credentials - chemical free, very long lasting and sourced responsibly ...

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology - research by Nathan Bryan, PhD & Associates

March 2019

AMANO has been making the case for tongue cleaning for 25 years, not just for sound oral care reasons, but also for our overall health.

This new research focuses on reducing blood pressure by increasing Nitric Oxide production.

It represents the icing on our benefits of tongue cleaning cake:

"Frequency of Tongue Cleaning Impacts the Human Tongue Microbiome Composition and Enterosalivary Circulation of Nitrate

The oral microbiome has the potential to provide an important symbiotic function in human blood pressure physiology by contributing to the generation of Nitric Oxide (NO), an essential cardiovascular signalling molecule.

Oral microbial communities are proposed to supplement host NO production by reducing dietary nitrate to nitrite via bacterial nitrate reductases. Unreduced dietary nitrate is delivered to the oral cavity in saliva, a physiological process termed the enterosalivary circulation of nitrate.

Tongue cleaning frequency was a predictor of changes in systolic blood pressure and tongue microbiome composition.

These data suggest that management of the tongue microbiome by regular cleaning together with adequate dietary intake of nitrate provide an opportunity for the improvement of resting systolic blood pressure.

Thus, regular tongue hygiene both selects for a favourable microbiome and “revs up” the activity of the community.

 (In Conclusion) From our analysis, regular tongue cleaning results in a tongue microbiome that has a greater ability to reduce nitrite to NO, and conversely, failure to clean the tongue daily results in a microbiome composition that is less favourable to NO production."

Nathan Bryan, Adjunct Professor at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA

November 2017

"There is a clear association between oral health and cardiovascular disease that is related to the production of nitric oxide.  The oral microbiome is responsible for 50% of our daily nitric oxide production.  Tongue scraping to remove the 'bad' bacteria, food particles and debris allow for the 'good' bacteria to flourish and generate Nitric Oxide.  I personally use the AMANO tongue scraper daily and highly recommend it."

Brilliant piece of medical research and a great AMANO endorsement in one!

Professor Nathan Bryan uses an AMANO2017

The Malnutrition Task Force

July 2016

"Taste perception can often decline in later life, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. In this blog from AMANO Tongue Cleansers, they look at why taste can lessen in later life and what can be done to try and reverse this decline."

The British Dental Journal

May 2016

"The AMANO tongue cleanser encourages people to give their tongues some TLC and is now the best-selling tongue cleaner in Harrods."



Medical & Science Director, English Premier League Football Club - UK

April 2016

"Once again thanks for assisting with our oral health campaign ... pushing the message of optimising oral health in order to potentially improve performance as part of our general athlete education"

Check out the UCL Eastman Dental Institute research on 187 players, from 8 clubs, and our follow-up work. Click here

We have agreed to abide by this Premier League Team's strict confidentiality rules - so we cannot reveal who they are  - sorry.

Will Hargrove, Associate Director & Head of Fine Wine, Corney & Barrow - London, UK

April 2016

Will's verdict after taking his AMANO tongue scraper to Bordeaux for the 2015 tastings ...

"The tongue scraper ... useful"


Kate Parker RDH, BS-DH, RF - Dental Health Professional - New Hampshire, USA

October 2015

" I am extremely passionate about tongue cleansing and have personally tried virtually every brand on the US market. Until recently I hadn't known about AMANO Tongue Cleansers, but since receiving one it has truly changed my life! Previously I was using Dr Tung's tongue scrapers, which I thought were good. AMANO blows them out of the water, however! 

AMANO Tongue Cleansers are so much better made, of far superior materials, are ergonomically shaped, easier to use, better looking, and are much more effective. Instead of the 10 scrapes I had to use before, the AMANO gets my tongue clean in just two swipes. On top of that, I can reach way back to the base (far back) of my tongue without gagging, so I cover about twice as much area with 20% of the effort. AMANO has found a perfect marriage between form and function.", New Hampshire, USA

Dr Nilesh R Parmer BDS, MSc - Young Dentist of the Year 2014 - Essex, UK

August 2014

"It's great! Good quality product. It has my seal of approval."

Parmar Dental, Southend On Sea, Essex

Sally Goss RDH, DDH, FETC - Dental Hygienist - London, UK

July 2014

"My patients really love this product.  So simple to use - no manual dexterity or clever technique  required.  And the results are extraordinary -  sweeter breath and better tasting food and drink.  No wonder they love it."

Harley Street Dental Studio, London

Mel Prebble - Dental Hygienist & Therapist - London, UK

July 2014

"It simply does exactly what it should! In just a few scrapes my tongue was sparkly clean and my mouth fresh. I found it comfortable and easy to clean and store in its box. I rate the AMANO Tongue Cleanser 10 out of 10."

Abbey Road Dental, London
Secretary of the British Association of Dental Therapists

Sheila Fox RDH - Dental Hygienist - Bedfordshire, UK

July 2014

"My tongue felt very clean and I was surprised how much debris I was able to remove, with my AMANO Tongue Cleanser. Crucially the AMANO did not make me gag. Since the tongue cleaning experience is pleasant, I am more likely to maintain the routine - and that makes the AMANO very different to other brushes and scrapers I have tried."

Pear Tree Dental Practice, Bedfordshire

Yvonne Derbyshire RDH - Dental Hygienist - Liverpool, UK

July 2014

"I really like the feel of the AMANO Tongue Cleanser. There's no doubt about how thoroughly it is cleaning the tongue. I love the design with the 'funky' handles and feel this will be a great selling point ... (the) website with the Star Wars scroll is brilliant."

Rose Lane Dental Surgery, Liverpool
The Dental Academy Daresbury, Cheshire

Dr Crispian Scully, CBE, FMedSci, DSc - London, UK

July 2014

An endorsement of sorts

Dr Crispian's interesting response to my question to him

He response was;

"≠ interesting question"

Kathrine Larsen - UK Sommelier of the Year 2014 - London, UK

July 2014

(Using the AMANO) "Was a very interesting experience and certainly a useful tool ! Thanks again."

Miss Robiha Nazir RDH - Dental Hygienist - London, UK

July 2014

"The packaging is convenient and easy to carry around. The handles are great to hold and what a lovely pattern. I love the leaflet inside. The lifespan of this product is fantastic. You have just given me the best gift a hygienist could have. Thank you."

K2 Dental, London

Oral B says scrapers do help with bad breath!

June 2014

"Tongue Scrapers offer an option for halitosis"

We agree Oral B, the dental evidence is compelling + don't forget all the other benefits of a clean tongue

Colgate website - "Keys to controlling bad breath"

June 2014

We really couldn't put it better ourselves; 

"Tongue Cleaning: While a toothbrush can be used, tongue scrapers are much more effective to literally scrape away plaque, food debris and bacteria from the tongue"

(but we prefer to say 'tongue cleanser')