Are you featured here as a beneficiary of tongue cleansing?

Mr and Mrs Bonsante

Mr and Mrs Bonsante are happy to spend time and money ensuring their teeth and gums get the right care and attention. They also know that since their tongues represent a 1/3 of the surface area of the mouth they should not be neglected!

Toothbrushes simply are not fit for purpose when it comes to cleaning tongues. Since they make them gag and don't really shift the debris OFF the tongue. Whilst mouthwashes tend to mask problems.

They find that the AMANO Tongue Cleanser is both comfortable to use and very fast at removing debris off the tongue. That’s why they love the elegance of their AMANO Tongue Cleanser.

Mr and Mrs Bonviveur

Mr and Mrs Bonviveur simply love their food and wine. The problem is that rich food can create an awful morning after taste. Plus of course bad breath (well they do like their garlic).

They read (correctly) that almost 90% of bad breath emanates from the tongue. But it takes them less than 5 seconds to solve the problem - with 2 or 3 strokes of the AMANO Tongue Cleanser, before bed. It never fails to amaze them what comes off on the AMANO Tongue Cleanser.

As a bonus - but something of an esoteric pastime - Mr Bonviveur likes to use his AMANO Tongue Cleanser before he drinks his wine. He reasons, If he is going to spend all that money on a fine Bordeaux or Burgundy - a clean tongue will improve his appreciation!

Mr and Mrs Sportlich

Mr and Mrs Sportlich are fanatical about sport. After an intensive workout in the gym, Pilates class or soccer game they often find they have a toxic tasting coating on their tongue. That's because all that exercise has dried out the saliva - which would normally neutralise most debris on the tongue.

They find that 2 or 3 quick strokes of the AMANO Tongue Cleanser does the trick. They would never consider using a mouthwash. After all that invigorating exercise - why use chemicals?

They have also noticed that after a particularly stressful day at work that same toxic coating appears (Cue the AMANO…)

Mr and Mrs Bellevie

Mr and Mrs Bellevie understand the need to really focus on good oral care. They know that saliva - natures natural 'cleaner' - diminishes, as we get older. Also the types of bacteria in our mouth change over time - which can mean a worsening breath. Plus our tongues also lose taste sensitivity with time.

They know that regular tongue cleaning has been shown to help 'senior citizens' manage all of these issues. Who would have thought such a simple and quick procedure would have such a beneficial impact?

Sam and Roger

Sam and Roger, are too young to bother about rigorous oral care regimes. They just love to party and meet new people. They also like to have an occasional smoke…

They find the AMANO is an excellent anti-bad breath tool - vital when they end up-close and personal. They guess that if the AMANO can remove all that food debris - it can also remove 'bad stuff' from their tongue surface.

After a heavy night of partying for them, using an AMANO last thing at night is reassurance…