The Lift Pitch

Established in 1992 in London - the AMANO Tongue Cleanser is designed to be a quick, pleasant and visibly effective healthcare experience. 

The AMANO Tongue Cleanser can easily become part of your daily healthcare regime.


    • Because it takes less than 5 seconds to do
    • You can clearly see the debris that is being dramatically removed from your tongue
    • It's proven to be far more effective than using a toothbrush (see The Competition)
    • It’s a ‘natural’ process – not involving chemicals
    • Because of the precise design and weight, there is NO GAG effect
    • So you will feel more relaxed about tongue cleaning as a daily routine

AMANO’s design credentials

The Italian crafted AMANO Tongue Cleanser has been designed to give a superior tongue cleansing performance.

The head is made of 18/10 Austenitic Steel – a high-grade chromium and nickel alloy.

Our entire AMANO range is Guaranteed for 1 year - and is Dishwasher safe.

With good care and attention your AMANO will last you many years.