Some of our fabulous Customer Endorsements

Mr LD, Santa Rosa, California, USA

October 2020

It's not often any Business would publicise a dis-satisfied Customer - but this is a gem of a back-handed Endorsement.

Our Customer 'Mr LD' (not his real initials) of Santa Rosa just lost his home and possessions in the fires sweeping California.

He thus wanted to replace his 'lost' AMANO and asked us to send it to a Mailbox. Unfortunately USPS cocked up and the package was lost!

We thus reluctantly suggested we give him a FULL refund.

This was his response:


I WANT your devise that is the best tongue cleaner existent !    

I am replacing one I had !!!

I want to talk to a manager about this !!

How could we possibly say No ...?
Another Titanium AMANO is on its way to 'LD' (fingers crossed)

Suzie M, Dundee, Scotland

April 2020

"I use a different brand of this type of product, but bought this for my partner as he has a strong gag reflex, and none of the others I tried him with were any use. This one seems to be okay, and the only difference I can fathom is that it is lighter in weight, and also the handles are bigger so more grip"

Jackie H, Watford, UK

February 2020

"The best at cleaning your tongue! My tongue has never felt this clean, nothing else touches this product"

Gavin T, Brighton, UK

January 2020

"This is the best tongue cleaner I’ve had, this is a well built product that will last a long time unlike others on the market"

Becky W, Salford, UK

December 2019

"Great product, looks really attractive. Does exactly what it needs to and cleans really well. Makes your sense of taste so much better and your mouth really feel squeaky clean. Amazing quality! Would highly recommend. Better than the tongue cleaning function on my electric toothbrush"

Reju Miah, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

August 2019

"Best product ever! I lost the same one and had it for years. Amazing for dental hygiene"

Jackie T, London, UK

August 2019

"Greatest Tongue Scraper in the World! Unlike any other. Easy and solid to hold and cleans my tongue 1000 times better than the usual plastic type. Handles are pretty Cool. Wonderful Tongue Scraper"

Barbara T, Sussex, UK

June 2019

"Great product and price! Lovely item, has cleared up some digestive issues, which caused a slight cough, especially at night! Very attractive product, my mouth feels wonderfully cleaned, bought one for a friend too, thank you!"

Justin D, London, UK

June 2019

"I can't believe how good this tongue cleaner is, it’s excellent. I would have bought this much sooner if I (had) stumbled across this, for quite a number of years I tried tongue gel with a tongue brush, and found that the tongue brush wasn’t as effective as this tongue cleaner. The first time I tried this tongue cleaner the gunk that came off my tongue with one slow pull down on my tongue was unbelievable. So I shall be using this from now on, no more bad breath, brilliant"

Jim Hill, London, UK

April 2019

"Sturdy stainless steel construction. Easy to use and clean. Going to buy all the people on my Xmas list one each"

Olivia T, Cheltenham, UK

March 2019

"I read the other reviews and then purchased an AMANO. No gagging like I used to get with a toothbrush. Much more hygienic too - I use it all the time along with my Braun Oral B toothbrush and Panasonic water flosser"



Corinna C, London, UK

January 2019

" Other tongue scrapers don’t come close. AMANOs are top quality – strong and sturdy, with great designs, comfortable handles and they scrape so much more off your tongue than the cheaper brands. I bought mine 2 years ago and not only is it still like new - I love it so much, that I bought two more - one each for my partner and sister-in-law"


Ruth C, High Barnet, UK

November 2018

"Brilliant! Wish I’d seen this years ago"

Susan H, Cambridge, UK

August 2018

"Excellent product and it has very pretty handles too. The case supplied is a brilliant idea. I would recommend this product"

Roy G, London, UK

March 2018

"I came upon the AMANO tongue cleaner during my search for a new standard tongue cleaner, having used various tongue scrappers/cleaners over the years. This AMANO tongue cleaner is excellent, it covers all of my tongue at once. It is easy to use and easy to clean, it is even dishwasher friendly. I cannot recommend it enough"

Simon R, Manchester, UK

February 2018

"I’ve used this for almost a year and its become my morning routine. It’s amazing and I don’t remember how brushing felt before using it. I can’t recommend it enough"

Paddy L, Belfast, UK

January 2018

"I have bought three of these so far. (I) originally bought one for myself to help with morning breath and it works wonders. I get really bad dry mouth from snoring so I use this to scrape all the gunk off in the mornings its fantastic. I liked using it so much that I bought two other designs for my mother and sister as gifts and they loved them as well although they thought I was saying they had bad breath haha "

Megan D, Bristol, UK

November 2017

"Excellent product. Beautifully made for the job it is designed to do. Gentle on the tongue whereas some of the cheaper versions can be a little harsh on the tongue. Although it is more expensive than others, you are paying for the quality, the design of the handle and to have a protective cover to keep in when you are travelling with it"

William L, Hong Kong, China

June 2017

"Arrived safely. Thanks! I have been using my old one for 20 years!"

AMANO customer William just received his order of FOUR Neoclassical AMANO 2017s - 20 years after buying his 1st AMANO. 

He becomes our latest 'Platinum Level' Customer. Here he is proudly displaying his 'Original AMANO 1992' - in mint condition after 20 years of faithful service!

Can any AMANO Customer beat that? We would love to hear from you!



Antonella B, London, UK

June 2017

"I was introduced to tongue scraping over 20 years ago and I have used plastic one(s) which worked just fine but there were issues attached to hygiene and the fact that they made me gag if I went to scrape too far back. Then came the AMANO and the rest is history. The AMANO as it is stylish, well designed, strong, and it allows me to clean all the way at the back of my tongue without causing gagging. I have just ordered a few more to give away as presents ..."

Alex C, Yorkshire, UK

May 2017

"Very effective addition to our oral hygiene. We bought for the kids (4 and 6), and it has made it so much easier for us to clean their tongues. I was a bit worried that because it was metal, it might be too harsh on the tongue. However, its not. It takes 5 or 6 swipes to get the tongue clean but that's a few seconds. Very easy to clean as others have mentioned. Very pleased with purchase, and I'm writing this six months after using it."

David P, Leeds, UK

March 2017

"This is a well-finished item, and suffice to say, going mano-AMANO with this tongue scraper has now become an established part of my oral hygiene program. It certainly outperforms the plastic type that I had tried before, and it does seem to eliminate gagging. My tongue is visibly cleaner - no more whitish gunk! And the covering layer that it removes never fails to impress!"

Karen D, Cheshire, UK

March 2017

"Previously I'd used a tongue brush plus gel for several years but this method always made me gag and it was a bit of a job trying to clean the brush afterwards. The AMANO does really well on the tongue, with the bonus that there is NO gagging and the cleaning of it is so easy!"

Colin B, Northampton, UK

March 2017

"After radiotherapy I have little saliva and have been trying to find a tongue cleaner that will remove the gunk that forms on my tongue. This is by far the best I have tried yet."

Gill H, Somerset, UK

November 2016

"Beautiful Italian accessory that looks as good as it works .. I can't ask for more. I have tried other tongue cleaners but this one is more ergonomic and because it is wider on the tongue it doesn't cause gagging like the narrower ones canI love using it."

Karen Smith, Forfar, UK

August 2016

"This works very well indeed. A beautifully made, high quality tongue scraper, better than anything else on the market and very effective in what it does ..."

Mrs Julie S, Devon, UK

July 2016

"So glad I bought this! My mouth feels cleaner and it has slotted seamlessly into my tooth/mouth care routine. Easy to keep clean. I'm very interested in Ayurveda and I thought this would be something that would easily fit into my life with little effort and it has. I will buy more as stocking fillers for my daughters.'

Derek Moyes, Folkstone, UK

May 2016

"Possibly the best thing since sliced bread. An excellent product that does exactly what it says on the can. I realise now I should have had one years ago... "

James Leung, London, UK

March 2016

"I love this tongue cleanser. It's much more effective and enjoyable than using the toothbrush to brush/clean the back of my tongue which makes me gag. The design of the handles sets this apart from other tongue scrapers, by allowing your hand nearer to the scraping metal, it gives you more control. Also I love wine and I found a difference in taste with a wine I regularly drink."

Ms T Burbridge, Norwich,UK

March 2016

"A really beautifully designed well made piece of kit. I was worried about the gag factor, but the AMANO is really easy and comfortable to use. It's perfectly weighted and balanced, the blade is very sleek and smooth. My mouth feels really clean afterwards. The storage case is great and the AMANO is very simple and easy to clean."

Kathleen Lumsden, London, UK

March 2016

"I liked this so much I bought two, one for my travel kit. Pretty and easy to clean. So much better than the plastic models, and prettier. I'm really pleased with my AMANO purchase."

Elena, Birmingham, UK

February 2016

"Very comfortable and beautiful device. It perfectly cleanses the tongue without any damage to it. The material quality and a craftsmanship are significantly better than it has been for similar devices that I have used before. I am so much happy with this cleaner that I ordered similar scrapers for all the members of my family."

Ken Tweedale, Cumbria, UK

January 2016

"Brilliant product , quality build , leaves my mouth feeling fresh after all the tongue trash has been scraped clean."

Lorraine, Long Island - New York, USA

November 2015

"I have been a huge fan of AMANO since 1992. I purchased my first one in London on a trip. I have a friend that lives in London and asked her to get me 5 more, so I already own 6. They are my prize possessions and I guard them. I have several residences and my husband and I have 2 at each location. I do not take them when I travel because I am afraid they will get lost or the airline will confiscate them.

Thanks again for a product that makes a difference in the way you feel each day. You cannot put a price tag on it!"

Rhiannon Harris, Cardiff, UK

August 2015

"I found the AMANO tongue cleanser a tremendous help when I was having chemotherapy treatment.  The drugs administered colour the tongue, affect taste buds and can cause the mouth to be sore.  Oral hygiene is extremely important. I found that using the AMANO twice a day helped keep my tongue clean and my taste buds seem to recover at a faster rate than when I did not use it.  It was easy to use and to clean.  I think it was invaluable in my care and a better alternative to astringent mouth washes."

Claire McCormack, New York, USA

July 2015

"When I first put it on my tongue my initial reaction was that it didn't feel as 'sharp' as the Dr. Tungs, so I was worried that it wouldn't work as well. I was wrong - the AMANO worked better. The weight and the perfect angle of the curve made it so easy to use; it effortlessly removed all residue. You have really created a wonderful product. Bravo!"

Dilip Chauhan, London, UK

January 2015

"I have used tongue cleansers for nearly 30 years of various designs and shapes. Ultimately a tongue cleanser is a tongue cleanser. It is a functional piece of kit designed to do a basic but necessary job. But the AMANO Tongue Cleanser demonstrates that even with the most every day of items, great design can take them to the next level. This tongue cleanser is a pleasure to use: robust but attractive construction; exacting build quality and ergonomic design.  As a result it does the job better than any other on the market."

Rebekah Chaplin, Sheffield, UK

November 2014

"In the initial days of using my AMANO Tongue Cleanser, I immediately saw all the gross stuff that had been residing on my tongue. It was disgusting, but I felt reassured that I was actually removing that debris, rather than attempting to scrap it off with a toothbrush. After a month, my mouth not only feels cleaner and fresher, but my sense of taste has improved!"

Ellie Maidment, London, UK

November 2014

"It's amazing! And very stylish.
I had one and have now bought one for my fiance as he's been eyeing mine up. He's got a horrid plastic Oral B and it's no where near as nice."

Tara Bloomfield, Ipswich, UK

November 2014

"I was lucky enough to get this in a goody bag, and now I use it every day! Now I've got the hang of using it, I can get to the back of my mouth without gagging - something I can't do with a toothbrush. I notice my tongue looks pinker and healthier, and my breathe feels fresher for longer. This is an item I can see lasting a long time with its great design."

Brian Yarwood, Cardiff, Wales

March 2014

“I am a 78 year old male and I have used a tongue cleanser for many years. The benefits I think are significant. I am conscious of oral hygiene and look after my teeth. However cleaning my tongue regularly leaves the whole mouth clean and fresh, with no bad breath problems - and food and drink tastes far better. I would add that having tried cheap plastic tongue cleansers, I found that the robust and well designed AMANO Tongue Cleanser could go further back onto the tongue, with no gag affect.”

Caz Stuart, London, UK

March 2014

“I bought my AMANO Tongue Cleanser over 20 years ago - and have used it twice a day, morning and night ever since. My family all uses one too. It's no exaggeration to say that I love it. It keeps my mouth feeling fresh. The AMANO Tongue Cleanser is of such a high quality it has never tarnished and using it is so quick and easy that it's one of those routines you don't have to make a resolution about - you WANT to do it. I can't recommend it highly enough.”

Steve Rose - Malmesbury, UK

May 2013

"I was given an AMANO Tongue Cleanser as a wedding present nearly 20 years ago and have used it pretty much every day since. Whilst being a slightly unconventional gift I cannot think of any other present I received which I've used more. I use it each morning to remove tongue fur and oral detritus and it leaves my tongue and palate feeling a lot fresher. I consider it to be a vital part of my oral hygiene and would highly recommend it as a healthy lifestyle choice."

Nick Kemp, Babylon, New York, USA

April 2012

 “I have used this tongue cleanser for 20 years and I love it. It is quick and easy to use and more effective and more comfortable than using a toothbrush on my tongue. I used a different model for a short while which bent out of shape quickly and was sharp on my tongue - before switching to the AMANO Tongue Cleanser. The AMANO is as sturdy and effective today as it was when I got it and I use it every day.”

Jay Trivedy, Burton-Upon-Trent, UK

January 2012

(Tried out an Orabrush - and told us about the experience) 
“As one who has used a 'traditional' tongue cleaner for all of my life, I found the use of the Orabrush particularly unhelpful for the following reasons: It made me “gag”; It felt cheap and flimsy. I could just as easily have used my toothbrush if I was inclined. It didn’t remove the debris on my tongue but merely redistributed it elsewhere whereas my existing AMANO immediately removes the debris out of my mouth.”

Wendy Chase, Needham Heights, MA, USA

December 1995

“I have been trying without success to buy 3 more of your Tongue Cleanser products which I find to be of excellent design…”

Mrs B Oliver, Aberporth, Wales

November 1995

“Today I delivered my first gift of an AMANO Tongue Cleanser to one of my Dental Surgeons who surprisingly had never heard of them. He was very impressed especially as he had just dealt with a patient who had problems that using a tongue cleanser could solve. I now feel that using a tongue cleanser is an essential part of ones oral hygiene. Thank you for educating me in that respect.”

Carol J Scafurro, Chatham, New York, USA

July 1995

“I have recently purchased one of your Tongue Cleansers. I was so impressed with the quality I have been recommending it to friends and health care professionals…”