Kate Parker RDH, BS-DH, RF - Dental Health Professional - New Hampshire, USA

October 2015

" I am extremely passionate about tongue cleansing and have personally tried virtually every brand on the US market. Until recently I hadn't known about AMANO Tongue Cleansers, but since receiving one it has truly changed my life! Previously I was using Dr Tung's tongue scrapers, which I thought were good. AMANO blows them out of the water, however! 

AMANO Tongue Cleansers are so much better made, of far superior materials, are ergonomically shaped, easier to use, better looking, and are much more effective. Instead of the 10 scrapes I had to use before, the AMANO gets my tongue clean in just two swipes. On top of that, I can reach way back to the base (far back) of my tongue without gagging, so I cover about twice as much area with 20% of the effort. AMANO has found a perfect marriage between form and function."

holistic-healing-information.com, New Hampshire, USA