Some of our fabulous Customer Endorsements

Lorraine, Long Island - New York, USA

November 2015

"I have been a huge fan of AMANO since 1992. I purchased my first one in London on a trip. I have a friend that lives in London and asked her to get me 5 more, so I already own 6. They are my prize possessions and I guard them. I have several residences and my husband and I have 2 at each location. I do not take them when I travel because I am afraid they will get lost or the airline will confiscate them.

Thanks again for a product that makes a difference in the way you feel each day. You cannot put a price tag on it!"

Rhiannon Harris, Cardiff, UK

August 2015

"I found the AMANO tongue cleanser a tremendous help when I was having chemotherapy treatment.  The drugs administered colour the tongue, affect taste buds and can cause the mouth to be sore.  Oral hygiene is extremely important. I found that using the AMANO twice a day helped keep my tongue clean and my taste buds seem to recover at a faster rate than when I did not use it.  It was easy to use and to clean.  I think it was invaluable in my care and a better alternative to astringent mouth washes."

Claire McCormack, New York, USA

July 2015

"When I first put it on my tongue my initial reaction was that it didn't feel as 'sharp' as the Dr. Tungs, so I was worried that it wouldn't work as well. I was wrong - the AMANO worked better. The weight and the perfect angle of the curve made it so easy to use; it effortlessly removed all residue. You have really created a wonderful product. Bravo!"

Dilip Chauhan, London, UK

January 2015

"I have used tongue cleansers for nearly 30 years of various designs and shapes. Ultimately a tongue cleanser is a tongue cleanser. It is a functional piece of kit designed to do a basic but necessary job. But the AMANO Tongue Cleanser demonstrates that even with the most every day of items, great design can take them to the next level. This tongue cleanser is a pleasure to use: robust but attractive construction; exacting build quality and ergonomic design.  As a result it does the job better than any other on the market."