Some of our Media mentions

British Dental Journal

May 2018

'A Titan amongst tongue cleansers'

We are proud to be featured again in the medical journal of the British Dental Association.

"Having designed and made tongue scrapers for 25 years, AMANO is keenly aware that the key to 'effectiveness' is not just about how 'sharp' the scraper is.

On the contrary, an overly 'sharp' scraper will actually put most people off the routine, whereas a 'comfortable' scraper will mean the user is more relaxed about using a tongue scraper with conviction" 

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British Dental Journal

December 2017

Tongue scraping 'will help fight the ageing process'

The most comprehensive article to date on the background and extensive benefits of tongue scraping

"Regular tongue scraping with the AMANO Tongue Cleanser can help 'good' oral bacteria to flourish in the mouth, while also helping to reduce dental caries and bad breath, enhancing taste, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease"

The article goes onto explain the link between 'good' oral bacteria, nitric oxide production and stem cell efficacy

"Stem cells' role is to heal the ageing body, helping to regenerate damaged or old cells"

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September 2015

Emma Freud endorses the AMANO - Big Time:

"The AMANO Tongue Cleanser is leagues ahead of the rest of the field. At long last, I have managed to find SOMEONE who is taking tongue cleaning seriously"

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Woman's Weekly

August 2015

We are top of the charts for conventional Halitosis solutions

HuffPost USA

July 2015

'Why Everyone Should Consider Tongue Scraping'

"I call tongue scraping the unsung hero of oral care. I don't see how anyone could try tongue scraping once, see the gunk you remove, and not become an enthusiast. A U-shaped scraper is where it's at. I really like super-stylish AMANO Tongue Cleansers"

Asiana Wedding

February 2015

The premier magazine for; "the Asian Bride who wants more"

Features the AMANO in the Grooming Notes section;

"Keep your (tongue) clean and ready for a kiss ... a must-have grooming gadget"

More than 500 million Indians use a tongue scraper on a daily basis - so we are really chuffed that dedicated Indian tongue cleaners are increasingly happy to ditch their 'cheap & cheerful' scrapers for our rather more deluxe AMANO range


Woman's Own

February 2015

"Yucky, but it really works!"

Thank you Journalist Faye Smith for becoming a real AMANO fan!


February 2015

Decanter - the 'world's best' wine magazine

Talks about getting the most out of your wine experience - as your sense of taste and smell declines with age.

Here's our favourite quote:

"Poor oral hygiene affects the ability to taste. There is conflicting evidence that tongue cleaning makes a difference."

Naturally we don't agree that there is; "conflicting evidence" ... 

It's pretty clear to us (checkout the BENEFITS tab) - if you are finally opening that prized 1961 Chateau Latour (at £2,000 a bottle) or more modest Bordeaux Supérieur - you owe it to yourself (and wallet) to get the absolute best from the experience.

After all - if you are going to the trouble of decanting and ensuring the wine is served at the correct temperature ...

Why not spend 5 seconds (yes that is all it takes with an AMANO Tongue Cleanser) making sure your tongue is in tip top form?

So unclog your taste buds (of all that food debris) and enhance your taste sensation ...



Men's Health

October 2014

Talking Dirty;

"Bad breath aside, (your tongue) can contribute to Austin Powers-style discoloured teeth. Your toothbrush can do some of the job, but a dedicated cleaner is the best way to remove all the troubles overtaking your tongue."

British Dental Journal

June 2014

“The AMANO Tongue Cleanser not only reduces the source of bad breath and caries. But also unclogs the taste buds so food will taste better


Time Out

June 2014

“Another well priced if offensive gift”

(for Fathers Day)

The Sun on Sunday

June 2014

‘This cute and affordable gizmo is a tongue cleanser – run it down your tongue and be astonished at the muck it removes”

Marie Claire - April 1993

April 2014

Media coverage of the 'Original' AMANO launch in 1992

"Regular Tongue scraping is a very effective way of preventing bad breath (and the dreaded 'Bottom of a Birdcage Syndrome') and clearing cellular debris from the tongue".

GQ - February 1993

March 2014

Media coverage of the 'Original' AMANO launch in 1992

"Lick into shape - Absolutely essential for kissing with confidence"