Mr and Mrs Bonviveur

Mr and Mrs Bonviveur simply love their food and wine. The problem is that rich food can create an awful morning after taste. Plus of course bad breath (well they do like their garlic).

They read (correctly) that almost 90% of bad breath emanates from the tongue. But it takes them less than 5 seconds to solve the problem - with 2 or 3 strokes of the AMANO Tongue Cleanser, before bed. It never fails to amaze them what comes off on the AMANO Tongue Cleanser.

As a bonus - but something of an esoteric pastime - Mr Bonviveur likes to use his AMANO Tongue Cleanser before he drinks his wine. He reasons, If he is going to spend all that money on a fine Bordeaux or Burgundy - a clean tongue will improve his appreciation!