Some of our fabulous Customer Endorsements
  • Mr LD, Santa Rosa, California, USA
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    Amirthanandan Manoharan
Mr LD, Santa Rosa, California, USA

It's not often any Business would publicise a dis-satisfied Customer - but this is a gem of a back-handed Endorsement.

Our Customer 'Mr LD' (not his real initials) of Santa Rosa just lost his home and possessions in the fires sweeping California.

He thus wanted to replace his 'lost' AMANO and asked us to send it to a Mailbox. Unfortunately USPS cocked up and the package was lost!

We thus reluctantly suggested we give him a FULL refund.

This was his response:


I WANT your devise that is the best tongue cleaner existent !    

I am replacing one I had !!!

I want to talk to a manager about this !!

How could we possibly say No ...?
Another Titanium AMANO is on its way to 'LD' (fingers crossed)
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    Amirthanandan Manoharan