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In COVID19 World: Why a £25 AMANO™ Tongue Scraper makes a Perfect New Years Gift


One consequence of our COVID19 World is tighter household budgets and thus the need to try and cut out needless costs and make less frivolous purchases.

It got me wondering, with gift season upon us - why should someone pay between £10 and £48 for our AMANO™ Tongue Cleansers* - when it is clear a short search on Ebay can reveal dozens of plastic and metal tongue scrapers of all shapes and sizes, at a fraction of the cost?

* Yes, that's what our business does - manufacture and sell a range of designer tongue scrapers ...

We can happily wax lyrical about the Italian design and craftsmanship of our AMANO range and all the snazzy designs - that look great on any bathroom shelve.
But people are now understandably very conscious about getting 'value for money'. They don't necessarily want to pay for the frills ... if they think they can get the same product delivery - for much less.

Thinking about it, I suppose AMANO's 'value for money' credentials centres around 3 simple themes: 

1. Dental Profession Hygiene Quality
2. Design Effectiveness 
3. and Durability

1. Dental Profession Hygiene Quality

We are not talking about a disposable Primark T-shirt ...
Here today and torn and out of shape tomorrow! I have 2 teenage daughters I know of what I speak ;)
No, we are talking about an oral care instrument that will be placed on your tongue repeatedly over the years. Carefully scraping off the trapped food and bacterial debris (also know as 'gunge') which, if ignored, will lead to bad breath, plaque and dental decay.
The materials and process used to make the tongue scraper therefore needs to be totally safe, hygienic and well crafted.
No sharp edges, No risk of sudden breakage - Plus the ability to deep clean.
Our AMANO range is made of European Austenitic Steel, to EU standards of safety - in Italy (which makes them dishwasher safe).
That's why we have featured in The British Dental Journal half a dozen times ...
We can't vouch for our cheaper competition from East Asia!

2. Design Effectiveness

We have been selling AMANO Tongue Scrapers since 1992. We know what designs work and (importantly) what doesn't.
It's not just about removing the gunge on your tongue.
It's also about doing so without You the Customer getting an off-putting 'gag affect'.
Let's face it, any risk of a 'gag-effect' and you will first stop scraping the back of the tongue, where the debris lurks.
That immediately reduces effectiveness.
Whereupon you will then find the experience increasingly unsatisfying and give up entirely.
Now that is my idea of a total waste of money!
Our precise 2-handle design and heavy scraper solves the problem - with little or no  'gag-effect'.
By the way, research from The Centre for Dentistry, University of Groningen showed that; "Comfort and effectiveness were positively correlated" when it came to tongue scraper designs people preferred. Our many happy Customers can be seen here on our Endorsements section.
All this means that you can take as little as 10 seconds, which is 3-4 strokes of the tongue, to complete your routine. That's what we call effective!

3. Durability

Please excuse us a little boast at this point.
We have customers who are using the very same AMANO they bought in the early 1990s. That's over 25 years of use.
(Our quarter century Customers can be seen in our Endorsements section).
Cheap scrapers purchased on Ebay do not come with a guarantee of One year. Because not many will last one Year!
Our AMANOs are built to last for Years, and that means 'value for money'! 

All in all AMANO's 'value for money' credentials equates to the time honoured notion of 'brand quality'. Patek Philippe the quality Swiss Watchmaker uses a strapline;

"You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation".

We think we could say the same about our quality, long lasting AMANO Tongue Cleansers ...                                                                                                               


Here's a thought, if you find the health and wellbeing benefits of a 10 second tongue scrape compelling (see here for more details of the medical benefits), but are slightly nervous of expending £10 on an AMANO, why not try a cheap 2-handle version from Ebay first?

If you find the routine of value, when your cheap scraper snaps, perishes or discolours, please come back to us.                                                                                                                          

Use this discount code for 20% off your 1st AMANO:  YouWereRight20%


Hope you visit our SHOP very soon :)

And finally, this is how easy and quick it is to use an AMANO (we prefer holding a handle in each hand ... but each to their own)

New Research: Tongue Scraping will Fight the Ageing Process (AMANO features in The Daily Mail)

(The Daily Mail covered many of these issues in an article; "Could this £13 gadget be the secret to staying young?" on 1st November 2018)

Last month The British Dental Journal  wrote about the ‘unassuming’ benefits of tongue scraping;

According to research by Dr Nathan Bryan, a specialist in molecular and human genetics from Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA, regular tongue scraping will enable 'good oral bacteria' to produce more Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide (NO) plays a crucial role in helping stem cells function efficiently. Stem Cells' role is to heal the ageing body, helping to regenerate damaged or old cells

Amazingly up to 50% of our daily Nitric Oxide production is from this 'good oral bacteria' – so a simple tongue scrape can have a BIG part to play in ensuring our Stem Cells operate as effectively as possible.

(The precise chemical process as explained by Dr Nathan Bryan is; 'Good' Oral Bacteria are 'Nitrate Reducers' that generate Nitrite as a by-product of converting ingested Nitrate-rich food, known as 'Arginine', which then builds up in our saliva. Once swallowed these Nitrites mix with stomach acid to produce Nitric Oxide – which then enters our blood stream).

Dr Nathan Bryan explained how tongue scraping specifically helps the process;

"Tongue scraping to remove the 'bad' bacteria, food particles and debris allow for the 'good' bacteria to flourish and generate Nitric Oxide"

And for those of us over 40 years of age, this becomes even more crucial, since our Nitric Oxide levels drop as we age as much as half - from peak levels. This drop in Nitric Oxide will impact of our bodies ability to heal effectively - hence the concept of 'ageing'.

The Unified theory of ageing

Broadening the research, Dr Bryan believes Nitric Oxide actually plays a key role in three distinct processes that can be considered rate limiting steps in terms of the ageing process. 

(Source: Nutra Ingredients USA October 2018)

“It’s what we call the unified theory of ageing. Nitric Oxide controls telomerase, the enzyme that adds telomeres to the ends of DNA, Nitric Oxide controls mitochondria biogenesis. And Nitric Oxide is the cellular signal that tells stem cells to mobilise to repair damage” 

On top of this break-through discovery by Dr Nathan Bryan The British Dental Journal adds;

Regular tongue scraping with the AMANO Tongue Cleanser can help 'good' oral bacteria to flourish in the mouth, while also helping to reduce dental caries and bad breath, enhancing taste, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

So there it is - a £13 investment in an AMANO Tongue Cleanser could be simply the best Resolution you make in 2019 – for a step change in the way you achieve good all round health and vitality.

AMANO has been manufacturing and selling quality tongue scrapers since 1992. The AMANO Tongue Cleanser is made of 18/10 Austenitic Steel, a high-grade chromium and nickel alloy. We are proud to be the best-selling tongue scraper brand in London's elite stores; Selfridges, Harrods and Planet Organic.
And as an added bonus, Professor Nathan Bryan uses an AMANO2017 and gave us this endorsement;

"I personally use the AMANO tongue scraper daily and highly recommend it"

How to use an AMANO Tongue Cleanser

If you are completely new to the tongue 'scraping' experience, we would suggest you hold the head of your AMANO under a warm running tap first - to provide an additional level of 'lubrication'.

This is how easy and quick it is to use an AMANO (we prefer holding a handle in each hand ... but each to their own)

Are you Intrigued?

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GQ USA - endorses only ONE Tongue Scraper - AMANO™

You wait 20 years for a GQ endorsement and then 2 come along in one month* ...

This time it's the Mighty GQ USA - the World's Top Rated Style mag.

And in an article entirely devoted to how scrapers can get rid of bad breath - only one brand is name checked.

Yes, you guessed right it's AMANO™ - the brand that has put the Renaissance back into the ancient art of tongue cleansing.

This is what they said;

"Our favorite is this houndstooth Savile Row scraper from AMANO" 

Our Savile Row design pays homage to the quintessential and elegant art of British dressing - with its crafted houndstooth design. One could deduce that if Sherlock Holmes owned an AMANO™ - it would probably look like this.

Just to add, we simply loved the 'colourful' opening paragraph of the Garticle;

"Bacteria is breeding in your mouth right now. Yes, as you read this a whole bunch of microorganisms are shagging like rabbits in hot bacterium-on-bacterium action. And as a prize for you, they're going to leave behind a bunch of post-coital bacteria poop. (Technically, it's the sulfur produced by the orgy in your mouth)"

Well, that was a rather different take on things ... 

* This endorsement followed close on the heals of GQ UK placing AMANO™ as "10 COOLEST things in the World"  in June.

and TATLER saying "AMANO is ahead of the field".

And it's not just style gurus that are waxing lyrical about the merits of our Italian crafted tongue groomers. The flagship journal of the UK Dental Profession, The British Dental Journal called our top-of-the-range AMANO2017; "The Roman Emperor of tongue cleansers" this March.

We know what's on your lips; Is AMANO™ now the Rolex of tongue scrapers?

Check out the full GQ article here:

AMANO™ is now the best selling tongue scraper in Selfridges, Harrods and Planet Organic


Premier League Teams performance are being improved by AMANO™

Amazingly, a swift tongue scrape can really help improve Footballers performance on the pitch.

With the Premier League season nearing its climax we thought we would update you on how the teams that have trialled AMANO tongue scrapers are faring.
As the full article goes onto say we have signed confidentiality agreements to prevent us disclosing precisely who we have been working with.
That said with 5 Premier Teams trialling AMANO - and 3 actively giving us feedback we can say this ....
2 Teams actively using AMANO are at the top of the table competing for European slots as I write :)
It seems AMANO Tongue Cleansers reach the parts of sports performance - other approaches simply cannot reach!

 You can visit our SHOP here 

Original article AUGUST 2016

This is no idle claim – we are currently working with 3 Premier League Medical Teams … (and 5 teams have trialled the AMANO in total!)

We aren't claiming a direct cause and affect - that would be highly presumptuous. But 2 Premier League teams actively using AMANO sit at the top section of the table as we write.

And one of those teams specifically requested we supply their new squad players with AMANO Tongue Cleansers in July. And interestingly the Head of Football & Medicine said they had to personally pay for their AMANO's (!) in order to improve 'engagement'.

So what's the background to this?

As we know, a neglected tongue can be a major source for serious oral care issues down the line – and in a game where small things can be the difference between success or failure – every little helps!

comprehensive clinical dental study by UCL Eastman Dental Institute, which included Premier League Clubs, has shown that 7% of the Footballers tested suffer oral care issues that are so bad - their performance on the pitch is adversely affected.

That means one player in each team is under-performing, due to poor oral care - per game!

That is a staggering statistic with so much to potentially win (and lose).

The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that 187 players were involved in the clinical study at eight clubs, including Manchester United, West Ham, Swansea, Hull City and Southampton, which showed that nearly four out of 10 had cavities!

Nutrition is one of the primary suspects with frequent consumption of sugary or acidic foods during training potentially accounting for tooth decay and erosion.

Breathing through the mouth, during heavy exercise, can also dry it out so there is less protection from saliva – natures natural ‘cleanser’.

They found 53% had dental erosion, 45% were bothered by the state of their teeth and – amazingly - 7% said it affected their ability to train or play.

The 40% who had tooth decay, compares with 30% of people of a similar age in the general population.

Prof Ian Needleman, one of the researchers, told the BBC;

"There are two main groups - some have a catastrophic effect, they have very severe abscesses that stop them in their tracks and they cannot play or train.

"There'll be others experiencing pain affecting sleeping or sensitivity every time they take a drink.

"At this level of athlete, even small differences can be quite telling."

As an example of this (and this is in the public domain) in 2012 West Ham player, Ravel Morrison was rushed back from a pre-season tour to have SEVEN teeth removed. Yes SEVEN! The mind boggles to think how his performance was impacted whilst he had this level of discomfort raging in his mouth ...

The GOOD NEWS is that AMANO can provide a quick and effective solution.

And that is why we are being taken seriously by Premier League Teams right now.

We received this message of ‘thanks’ from one of the Clubs Head of Football & Medicine for assisting them in their campaign to;

push the message of optimising oral health in order to potentially improve performance as part of our general athlete education”.

And in case if you are wondering which particular Premier League Teams we are assisting, I’m sorry we have understandably agreed to abide by their confidentiality rules - so we cannot reveal who they are. 

To recap, simply put - the AMANO Tongue Cleanser will effectively remove the post exercise debris and bacteria build up, that will directly lead to bad breath, plaque build-up and that distracting decay.

AMANO has been endorsed by UK and US Dental Professionals and we were featured in the May edition of The British Dental Journal.

At AMANO we also understand that time is of the essence for most Pro Footballers – so to any Footballer/Medical Director reading this, we suggest the following:

1. Try a swift tongue scrape with an AMANO – it will take less than 10 seconds (we promise)

2. There will be no dreaded Gag affect - due to the immaculate design of the AMANO

3. And you will be then able to show your teammates the gunge so visibly removed - that will shock them and you!

That will now allow you to concentrate on your game (and help with any breath issues in the post match celebrations)

Check out our Circle of Dental Despair

We acknowledge, educating Professional Footballers on yet another new health routine is never an easy challenge. That said the summer ‘close season’ is perhaps a good opportunity to introduce the concept of tongue scraping.

We are happy to send sample AMANOs to Medical Directors of Professional Football and Rugby Teams. AND do a short presentation to small groups of players at the Training ground (we can do the ‘lift pitch’ in 90 seconds – so will not take up too much of their time).

And we can also present in French and Spanish if required …

Please contact: Jenny Upson

(AMANO is also available in the UK from Selfridges, Harrods, John Bell & Croyden, Planet Organic and D.R. Harris)



Did Ann Hathaway wish the Foreman had practiced the art of AMANO™ Tongue Cleansing?

Remember the Foreman in Les Miserables with bad breath?

“Have you seen how the foreman is fuming today? With his terrible breath and his wandering hands? It's because little Fantine won't give him his way…” 

It’s pretty clear – having a Co-Worker with bad breath is not pleasant for all concerned.

Who knows how much more successful the Foreman would have been with Fantine, played by Ann Hathaway, if he had followed a simple and effective anti-bad breath routine? (And we should stress avoided any element of sexual harassment).

When it comes to the art of attraction - small changes can make a big difference.

For instance the Foreman could have used an AMANO Tongue Cleanser to scrape away the previous night's red wine, cheap tobacco and garlic festering on his tongue.

After all the 'AMANO' is the swift and effective bad breath solution - with a dash of élan Francais. AMANO would have successfully eradicated the odour from the Foreman's toxic tongue - with no 'gag reflex', due to its precise weight and design.

(Which is sort of ironic because the 'gag reflex' is precisely the reflex the Forman has on Fantine)

Our literature and the Arts seem to be awash with poignant examples of bad breath and the stifling of passion.

J.K. Rowling employed this device to good effect, with a twist, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Hermione, played by Emma Watson, devours an hors d'oeuvre called Dragon Tartare for just this reason.


She initially declines it, when served it by a Waiter, but when he says;

"Just as well, they give you terrible bad breath"

She takes two, in order to keep her fake love interest, Cormac, at arm's length. 

Or should that be lips length?

And then we have William Shakespeare with his Sonnet 130 entitled;

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;

“I have seen roses damasked, red and white,

But no such roses see I in her cheeks;

And in some perfumes is there more delight

Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks …

Who knows if this was Will’s break-up letter? (Me thinks said Mistress would have got the hint after the title …)

It seems from the Greatest Writer in the World to the Best Selling Author of all time, bad breath plays a part in creating memorable literature.

So we should perhaps be grateful then that the AMANO Tongue Cleanser was not available to Victor Hugo’s Foreman, The Bard’s Mistress and Cormac …

Otherwise we would have been denied some classic scenarios of our time.


We think Hermione would have liked an 'Ophelia Rising' - whilst Will's Mistress would go for our 'Camellia Suryasta' model. We would have refused to sell to the Foreman!
AMANO is the best selling tongue scraper in Selfridges, Harrods and Planet Organic and is also available online:




It's official - cleaning your tongue will reduce bad breath!

Hot off the press - the XI European Periodontology conference in Spain has just announced that it had reached the "significant conclusion" that; 

"tongue cleaning has an effect in reducing intra-oral halitosis caused by tongue coating".

For course this may not be news to all of us...

After all tongue 'scraping' was practiced by our Victorian forebears and indeed by the Romans in ancient times. Founding Father, George Washington even carried around a rather fancy 'scraper' in his grooming kit.

Whilst Indian and Chinese communities still continue to actively tongue clean - because they recognise the importance of a clean tongue for good oral care beyond 'just' solving bad breath - but also for helping maintain control over plaque and dental decay. 

However in the 'West' the notion and thought of cleaning one's tongue is given a very low priority, compared to brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash - despite the fact that an effective tongue cleanse can take less than 10 seconds.

The lack of emphasis on our neglected tongues is striking.The UK oral care industry is worth some £1 billion per year, but 70% of this is spent on our teeth - whereas less than 1% is on dedicated tongue cleaners.

Aligned to this XI European Periodontology breakthrough finding is the Journal of Periodontology evidence that tongue 'scrapers' are far more effective in removing volatile sulfur compounds (the 'bad stuff' that leads onto bad breath) than toothbrushes. In the tests carried out a tongue 'scraper' reduced production of VSCs by a significant 75 percent, compared to toothbrushes removing only 45%.

(We would also add that a well designed tongue 'scraper' will ensure there is no 'gag' affect - and so you will be able to reach to the back of the tongue, where the debris really lurks. Toothbrushes WILL make you gag).

So with medical science giving the noble art of tongue cleaning the thumbs up - there's no reason to delay ...

Try an AMANO and discover the joys of having a naturally clean tongue.