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Watch Chris Evans taking the AMANO Tongue Cleanser out for a test drive

This is Top Gear for your tongue ! 

CLICK HERE to see it perform

Way way back in 1992, the year we launched deluxe tongue cleansers onto an unsuspecting world - Chris Evans, the new Presenter of BBC's Top Gear - road tested the Original, all austenitic steel,  AMANO Tongue Cleanser live on his Big Breakfast Show.

It handled perfectly (like an Aston Martin DB5 maybe?)

And James Whale also tried it out (on an attractive girl in the audience) on his late night TV show;

"If everybody did this, kissing would be far better ... this is very intimate isn't it"

Check out the 2015 AMANO  'kissing with confidence' range here:

Following a number of enquiries we have bowed to popular pressure and released a strictly Limited Edition of The Original AMANO 1992 - in it's original 'classic' packaging.