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“My six AMANOs are my prize possessions - and I guard them! “

We received this simply wonderful mail last week from ‘Lorraine in Long Island, New York’

Hi Jenny, 

I have been a fan of AMANO tongue cleaner since 1992. I purchased my first one in London on a trip. I have a friend that lives in London and asked her to get me 5 more so I already own 6. They are my prize possessions and I guard them.

I have several residences and my husband and I have 2 at each location. I do not take them when I travel because I am afraid they will get lost or the airline will confiscate.

I tried to buy more several years ago but they were unavailable at the time. So glad to see you are back in business. I am probably your biggest American advocate. I will give a few out as gifts this Christmas.

Thanks again for a fabulous product that makes a difference in the way you feel each day.

You cannot put a price tag on it!  

Lorraine, Long Island, New York

WOW! As the Brand Owner – what can you say to that type of feedback?

It makes our (almost) 25 year mission (to rid the world of dirty tongues) all the more worthwhile - when we mange to make such a tangible and sustained impact on someone’s life! (And all for less than £12!)

As every Marketer and Brand Strategist knows, a true advocate can be priceless – and the VERY best sort is a highly satisfied customer, such as Lorraine.

Or Rhiannon, who found the AMANO tongue cleanser a tremendous help when she was having chemotherapy treatment.

Or Claire even, who eulogised about the ‘super-stylish’ AMANO in The Huffington Post recently.

Back in 2012, a Nielsen Report, "Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages," reported that 92% of consumers around the world say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends over all other forms of advertising. 

That makes sense in a world of marketing message bombardment and overload.

Here at AMANO we will continue to try and build the World’s PREMIUM tongue cleaning brand – slowly (perhaps) but surely - on the solid foundations, of our passionate Dental Profession and Customer Advocates

(Aligned of course to a brilliantly designed and crafted product).

To all our Advocates – Thank You!