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Could our TiTANIUM 2018 be James Bond's next gadget?

With the next Bond film just announced our TiTANIUM 2018 could be the perfect accoutrement to go with his Rolex and Aston Martin (or will it be a Tesla?)

The TiTANIUM 2018 is made from 100% TiTANIUM - the 22nd Element in the periodic table and named after the Greek Gods, The Titans.

As befits its name, TiTANIUM is as strong as Steel - but less than half the weight (hence why aircraft frames are now made from Titanium). 

Our TiTANIUM 2018 thus offers a supremely smooth and effective performance - with a slightly lighter feel on the tongue - which some Customers might prefer.

Our other classic AMANO - the NeoClassic 2017 - is made from a Nickel and Chrome Steel alloy. Some people are allergic to Nickel and Chrome - so the 100% pure TiTANIUM 2018 may be a more suitable variant for them.

Having designed and made tongue scrapers for 25 years we are keenly aware that the key to 'effectiveness' is not just about how 'sharp' the scraper is.

On the contrary an overly 'sharp' scraper will actually put most people off the routine. Whereas a 'comfortable' scraper will mean the user is more relaxed about using a tongue scraper with conviction - and that means also towards the back of the tongue, where oral debris tends to lurk. This means tongue scraping has more of a chance of becoming a new and effective daily routine. 

Interestingly The Centre for Dentistry, University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, conducted a study of various tongue scraper designs in 2015 and concluded as follows along these lines;

"Comfort and effectiveness were positively correlated"

We pride ourselves on designing comfortable and effective quality tongue scrapers - of which our TiTANIUM 2018 is the latest in a proud illustrious line.

In keeping with its status as our top of the range AMANO, the TiTANIUM 2018 also comes in a slick metallic presentation case.

Making it the perfect accoutrement for Secret Agents and mere mortals ...

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FRESH NEWS: British Dental Journal on the elegant art of AMANO

"The mighty British Dental Journal featured AMANO and the elegant art of tongue cleansing on 13th June 2014.

We liked the way the BDJ showcased the AMANO's design credentials; "The Italian-crafted AMANO Tongue Cleanser is based on a 2,000 year-old Roman design... and has a nickel and chrome head. (It) comes in a variety of striking, artistic designs, such as Amazing Grace, Ophelia Rising, and Savile Row." 

Plus the taste bud reviving qualities; "The AMANO Tongue Cleanser not only reduces the source of bad breath and caries, but also unclogs the taste buds so that food will taste better".

Briton’s tongues could save our love lives

Briton’s tongues could save our love lives

Everyday we risk coming across someone with breath that makes us want to run a mile – and sometimes that person can be very close to home.

New research by ICM for the new AMANO Tongue Cleanser shows that bad breath is a sure fire way of dousing passion. Over a third of us admit that our partner sometimes has unsavory breath but we haven’t had the courage to tell them.  And one in five of us have decided not to kiss someone because their breath was a turn off.

When it comes to new romance, bad breath is the reason a first date doesn’t lead to a second for nearly a third of Britons, whilst a jaw-dropping three quarters think that bad breath is more off putting than bad dress or poor conversation.

Fretting about the state of our breath has become a national obsession with one in five of us admitting they worry ‘all or most of the time’ about this and nearly half of us saying they have even tried to smell their our own breath.

Despite this fixation, we remain ignorant about how to achieve better oral hygiene with almost half of us not realising that a dirty tongue is a major factor in causing bad breath and tooth decay.       

Sally Goss, Dental Hygienist at the Harley Street Dental Studio, London commented;

It's obviously important to clean teeth and gums efficiently and effectively every day. But the tongue is more important than we think, after all it is one third of the surface area of our mouth. It’s not just about reducing a source of bad breath or tooth decay.  By unclogging our taste buds we can actually enhance our taste sensitivity – in short food will taste much better. We really do need to stop neglecting our tongues.”



All about tongue cleansing

The surface of our tongue is rather like a deep-pile carpet, trapping food debris and bacteria. This noxious cocktail has been medically shown to increase bad breath, dental decay and plaque.

The AMANO Tongue Cleanser is based on a 2000 year Roman design. The nickel and chrome alloy head is gently drawn down the tongue’s surface - elegantly removing all the debris in 2 or 3 strokes. And because of its design and weight – you should not gag with an AMANO.

Tongue cleansing was in vogue back in the C18th and C19th, with George Washington and Victorian Aristocracy firm advocates of the routine.

You can check out their silver and ivory tongue cleansers at Mount Vernon Museum, Virginia USA and the V&A Museum, London.