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Could our TiTANIUM 2018 be James Bond's next gadget?

With the next Bond film just announced our TiTANIUM 2018 could be the perfect accoutrement to go with his Rolex and Aston Martin (or will it be a Tesla?)

The TiTANIUM 2018 is made from 100% TiTANIUM - the 22nd Element in the periodic table and named after the Greek Gods, The Titans.

As befits its name, TiTANIUM is as strong as Steel - but less than half the weight (hence why aircraft frames are now made from Titanium). 

Our TiTANIUM 2018 thus offers a supremely smooth and effective performance - with a slightly lighter feel on the tongue - which some Customers might prefer.

Our other classic AMANO - the NeoClassic 2017 - is made from a Nickel and Chrome Steel alloy. Some people are allergic to Nickel and Chrome - so the 100% pure TiTANIUM 2018 may be a more suitable variant for them.

Having designed and made tongue scrapers for 25 years we are keenly aware that the key to 'effectiveness' is not just about how 'sharp' the scraper is.

On the contrary an overly 'sharp' scraper will actually put most people off the routine. Whereas a 'comfortable' scraper will mean the user is more relaxed about using a tongue scraper with conviction - and that means also towards the back of the tongue, where oral debris tends to lurk. This means tongue scraping has more of a chance of becoming a new and effective daily routine. 

Interestingly The Centre for Dentistry, University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, conducted a study of various tongue scraper designs in 2015 and concluded as follows along these lines;

"Comfort and effectiveness were positively correlated"

We pride ourselves on designing comfortable and effective quality tongue scrapers - of which our TiTANIUM 2018 is the latest in a proud illustrious line.

In keeping with its status as our top of the range AMANO, the TiTANIUM 2018 also comes in a slick metallic presentation case.

Making it the perfect accoutrement for Secret Agents and mere mortals ...

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