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It's official - cleaning your tongue will reduce bad breath!

Hot off the press - the XI European Periodontology conference in Spain has just announced that it had reached the "significant conclusion" that; 

"tongue cleaning has an effect in reducing intra-oral halitosis caused by tongue coating".

For course this may not be news to all of us...

After all tongue 'scraping' was practiced by our Victorian forebears and indeed by the Romans in ancient times. Founding Father, George Washington even carried around a rather fancy 'scraper' in his grooming kit.

Whilst Indian and Chinese communities still continue to actively tongue clean - because they recognise the importance of a clean tongue for good oral care beyond 'just' solving bad breath - but also for helping maintain control over plaque and dental decay. 

However in the 'West' the notion and thought of cleaning one's tongue is given a very low priority, compared to brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash - despite the fact that an effective tongue cleanse can take less than 10 seconds.

The lack of emphasis on our neglected tongues is striking.The UK oral care industry is worth some £1 billion per year, but 70% of this is spent on our teeth - whereas less than 1% is on dedicated tongue cleaners.

Aligned to this XI European Periodontology breakthrough finding is the Journal of Periodontology evidence that tongue 'scrapers' are far more effective in removing volatile sulfur compounds (the 'bad stuff' that leads onto bad breath) than toothbrushes. In the tests carried out a tongue 'scraper' reduced production of VSCs by a significant 75 percent, compared to toothbrushes removing only 45%.

(We would also add that a well designed tongue 'scraper' will ensure there is no 'gag' affect - and so you will be able to reach to the back of the tongue, where the debris really lurks. Toothbrushes WILL make you gag).

So with medical science giving the noble art of tongue cleaning the thumbs up - there's no reason to delay ...

Try an AMANO and discover the joys of having a naturally clean tongue.