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Decanter Wine Magazine and the noble history of tongue cleaning (and wine appreciation)

Decanter followed up its article on 'Age & your palate' (March 2015) with a letter in its APRIL issue on the medical evidence supporting tongue cleaning (and wine appreciation)

Sounds like a very compelling argument ... (this chap seems to know what he's talking about ;)

As we are fond of reminding wine drinkers (of a certain age);

Old Vines might improve with age (and indeed old Wines) - but our taste buds certainly don't ...

So, using an effective tongue cleanser can help reverse the gradual decline in our taste sensitivity - and thus enhance our wine appreciation


(and thank you Decanter Managing Editor, Amy Wislocki, for being such a tongue cleaning advocate)

Decanter Wine Magazine talks about the ageing palate ...


Decanter - the 'world's best' wine magazine - talks about getting the most out of your wine experience - as your sense of taste and smell declines with age.

Here's our favourite quote:

"Poor oral hygiene affects the ability to taste. There is conflicting evidence that tongue cleaning makes a difference."

We totally agree with the first part of that statement - but would gently add that the medical evidence is unequivocal, as regards the benefits of tongue cleaning and enhancing taste perception.

For example Maury Massler aptly wrote in his research paper; " A dirty mouth cannot taste the subtle flavours in food" ... and wine we can safely extrapolate. ('The role of taste and smell in appetite' Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry)

It's pretty clear to us (checkout the BENEFITS tab) - if you are finally opening that prized 1961 Chateau Latour (at £2,000 a bottle) or more modest Bordeaux Supérieur - you owe it to yourself (and wallet) to get the absolute best from the experience.

After all - if you are going to the trouble of decanting and ensuring the wine is served at the correct temperature ...

Why not spend 5 seconds (yes that is all it takes with an AMANO Tongue Cleanser) making sure your tongue is in tip top form?

So unclog your taste buds (of all that food debris) and enhance your taste sensation ...


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