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  • The festivities season is tougher than an Olympic Triathlon event - here's the perfect gift
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    Amirthanandan Manoharan
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The festivities season is tougher than an Olympic Triathlon event - here's the perfect gift


The secret to a perfect season of festivities?

It's on the tip of your tongue

Looking for the perfect solution for solving the Christmas conundrum of, trying to maximize your pleasure, whilst minimizing the consequences?

The AMANO Tongue Cleanser could be it … well we are the best selling tongue scraper in both Selfridges and Harrods !

Let's face it, the festivities season is tougher than an Olympic Triathlon event – and your tongue needs to be in tip-top condition to perform at its very best.

Lets start with the fabulous food and wine you’ll be indulging in.

If you truly want to appreciate the taste subtleties, a dirty debris encrusted tongue is a very bad starting point. Simply put, a clean tongue will ensure all food and wine tastes that much better.

(Medical fact: food debris trapped on the tongue’s surface will inhibit your taste buds performance)

Secondly a hygienically clean tongue will give you the confidence to deliver a truly sensational uninhibited kiss under the mistletoe - with the person you have fancied all year! This won't come as a surprise but, after all that food and wine, your breath will not be at its very best - and you’ll probably need a little help. Luckily your AMANO comes with a nifty travel case.

(Medical fact: A staggering 80% of bad breath comes from the tongue’s surface)

Finally, last thing at night a clean tongue will also help you to better sleep off the excesses of the night. Remember, if ignored, all that rich food trapped on your tongue will most certainly play merry havoc in your mouth.

So make sure you wake up without the dreaded ‘bottom of a birdcage’ mouth – refreshed and ready to start all over again!

So you can see, the AMANO Tongue Cleanser can help you maximise the pleasurable opportunities throughout the Triathlon of festivities, whilst alleviating those adverse consequences!

The dental science bit

Our tongues are one third of the surface area of the mouth, with a surface like a deep-pile carpet. This makes it an excellent trap for food debris and bacteria that, if ignored, will lead to plaque build up (a ten times increase after just one week of an uncleaned tongue), heightened dental decay risk, bad breath – and a suppressed taste sensation.

Tongue scraping has been medically shown to alleviate these issues (and incidentally research has shown is almost twice as effective as merely using a toothbrush).

About the AMANO

The Italian made AMANO range is designed to add elegance to the 2000-year ritual of tongue scraping.

AMANO is now the best selling tongue scraper in both Selfridges and Harrods – London’s premier department stores.

With a price of £10 to £15 we are slightly more expensive than the competition, but we are designed to be swiftly effective and built to last (the record is over 20 years service!) That makes an AMANO a fantastic investment.

And our range of snazzy designs will look great on your bathroom shelf and as a gift for someone you really care for…

Simple to use, the nickel and chrome alloy head of the AMANO Tongue Cleanser is gently drawn down the tongue’s surface, elegantly removing all the offending debris in 2 or 3 strokes. And because of its precise design and weight – you should not gag with an AMANO.

(PS: A little bit of history: Tongue cleansing was all in vogue back in the C18th and C19th, with George Washington and Victorian Aristocracy firm advocates of the routine).


Part of the AMANO range of designs (price £10 to £15)

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    Amirthanandan Manoharan
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