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AMANO™ is helping in the battle against malnutrition amongst the old

A staggering 1 million people in the UK, over the age of 65, are either malnourished or at risk of malnourishment.

The consequences are immense - lives cut short and lives lived less well.

Additionally it is estimated the financial cost to the NHS and social services of this issue to be over a billion pounds a year (in the UK).

The Malnutrition Task Force is an independent group of experts across health and social care united to address avoidable and preventable malnutrition in older people.

We are very proud to have been asked by The Malnutrition Task Force to write an article on effective strategies for rekindling appetite - that includes the benefit of tongue scraping - thus enabling our Senior Citizens to lead more fulfilling and independent lives.

This is the full article on The Malnutrition Task Force dedicated website

Premier League Teams performance are being improved by AMANO™

Amazingly, a swift tongue scrape can really help improve Footballers performance on the pitch.

With the Premier League season nearing its climax we thought we would update you on how the teams that have trialled AMANO tongue scrapers are faring.
As the full article goes onto say we have signed confidentiality agreements to prevent us disclosing precisely who we have been working with.
That said with 5 Premier Teams trialling AMANO - and 3 actively giving us feedback we can say this ....
2 Teams actively using AMANO are at the top of the table competing for European slots as I write :)
It seems AMANO Tongue Cleansers reach the parts of sports performance - other approaches simply cannot reach!

 You can visit our SHOP here 

Original article AUGUST 2016

This is no idle claim – we are currently working with 3 Premier League Medical Teams … (and 5 teams have trialled the AMANO in total!)

We aren't claiming a direct cause and affect - that would be highly presumptuous. But 2 Premier League teams actively using AMANO sit at the top section of the table as we write.

And one of those teams specifically requested we supply their new squad players with AMANO Tongue Cleansers in July. And interestingly the Head of Football & Medicine said they had to personally pay for their AMANO's (!) in order to improve 'engagement'.

So what's the background to this?

As we know, a neglected tongue can be a major source for serious oral care issues down the line – and in a game where small things can be the difference between success or failure – every little helps!

comprehensive clinical dental study by UCL Eastman Dental Institute, which included Premier League Clubs, has shown that 7% of the Footballers tested suffer oral care issues that are so bad - their performance on the pitch is adversely affected.

That means one player in each team is under-performing, due to poor oral care - per game!

That is a staggering statistic with so much to potentially win (and lose).

The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported that 187 players were involved in the clinical study at eight clubs, including Manchester United, West Ham, Swansea, Hull City and Southampton, which showed that nearly four out of 10 had cavities!

Nutrition is one of the primary suspects with frequent consumption of sugary or acidic foods during training potentially accounting for tooth decay and erosion.

Breathing through the mouth, during heavy exercise, can also dry it out so there is less protection from saliva – natures natural ‘cleanser’.

They found 53% had dental erosion, 45% were bothered by the state of their teeth and – amazingly - 7% said it affected their ability to train or play.

The 40% who had tooth decay, compares with 30% of people of a similar age in the general population.

Prof Ian Needleman, one of the researchers, told the BBC;

"There are two main groups - some have a catastrophic effect, they have very severe abscesses that stop them in their tracks and they cannot play or train.

"There'll be others experiencing pain affecting sleeping or sensitivity every time they take a drink.

"At this level of athlete, even small differences can be quite telling."

As an example of this (and this is in the public domain) in 2012 West Ham player, Ravel Morrison was rushed back from a pre-season tour to have SEVEN teeth removed. Yes SEVEN! The mind boggles to think how his performance was impacted whilst he had this level of discomfort raging in his mouth ...

The GOOD NEWS is that AMANO can provide a quick and effective solution.

And that is why we are being taken seriously by Premier League Teams right now.

We received this message of ‘thanks’ from one of the Clubs Head of Football & Medicine for assisting them in their campaign to;

push the message of optimising oral health in order to potentially improve performance as part of our general athlete education”.

And in case if you are wondering which particular Premier League Teams we are assisting, I’m sorry we have understandably agreed to abide by their confidentiality rules - so we cannot reveal who they are. 

To recap, simply put - the AMANO Tongue Cleanser will effectively remove the post exercise debris and bacteria build up, that will directly lead to bad breath, plaque build-up and that distracting decay.

AMANO has been endorsed by UK and US Dental Professionals and we were featured in the May edition of The British Dental Journal.

At AMANO we also understand that time is of the essence for most Pro Footballers – so to any Footballer/Medical Director reading this, we suggest the following:

1. Try a swift tongue scrape with an AMANO – it will take less than 10 seconds (we promise)

2. There will be no dreaded Gag affect - due to the immaculate design of the AMANO

3. And you will be then able to show your teammates the gunge so visibly removed - that will shock them and you!

That will now allow you to concentrate on your game (and help with any breath issues in the post match celebrations)

Check out our Circle of Dental Despair

We acknowledge, educating Professional Footballers on yet another new health routine is never an easy challenge. That said the summer ‘close season’ is perhaps a good opportunity to introduce the concept of tongue scraping.

We are happy to send sample AMANOs to Medical Directors of Professional Football and Rugby Teams. AND do a short presentation to small groups of players at the Training ground (we can do the ‘lift pitch’ in 90 seconds – so will not take up too much of their time).

And we can also present in French and Spanish if required …

Please contact: Jenny Upson

(AMANO is also available in the UK from Selfridges, Harrods, John Bell & Croyden, Planet Organic and D.R. Harris)



Did Ann Hathaway wish the Foreman had practiced the art of AMANO™ Tongue Cleansing?

Remember the Foreman in Les Miserables with bad breath?

“Have you seen how the foreman is fuming today? With his terrible breath and his wandering hands? It's because little Fantine won't give him his way…” 

It’s pretty clear – having a Co-Worker with bad breath is not pleasant for all concerned.

Who knows how much more successful the Foreman would have been with Fantine, played by Ann Hathaway, if he had followed a simple and effective anti-bad breath routine? (And we should stress avoided any element of sexual harassment).

When it comes to the art of attraction - small changes can make a big difference.

For instance the Foreman could have used an AMANO Tongue Cleanser to scrape away the previous night's red wine, cheap tobacco and garlic festering on his tongue.

After all the 'AMANO' is the swift and effective bad breath solution - with a dash of élan Francais. AMANO would have successfully eradicated the odour from the Foreman's toxic tongue - with no 'gag reflex', due to its precise weight and design.

(Which is sort of ironic because the 'gag reflex' is precisely the reflex the Forman has on Fantine)

Our literature and the Arts seem to be awash with poignant examples of bad breath and the stifling of passion.

J.K. Rowling employed this device to good effect, with a twist, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Hermione, played by Emma Watson, devours an hors d'oeuvre called Dragon Tartare for just this reason.


She initially declines it, when served it by a Waiter, but when he says;

"Just as well, they give you terrible bad breath"

She takes two, in order to keep her fake love interest, Cormac, at arm's length. 

Or should that be lips length?

And then we have William Shakespeare with his Sonnet 130 entitled;

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;

“I have seen roses damasked, red and white,

But no such roses see I in her cheeks;

And in some perfumes is there more delight

Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks …

Who knows if this was Will’s break-up letter? (Me thinks said Mistress would have got the hint after the title …)

It seems from the Greatest Writer in the World to the Best Selling Author of all time, bad breath plays a part in creating memorable literature.

So we should perhaps be grateful then that the AMANO Tongue Cleanser was not available to Victor Hugo’s Foreman, The Bard’s Mistress and Cormac …

Otherwise we would have been denied some classic scenarios of our time.


We think Hermione would have liked an 'Ophelia Rising' - whilst Will's Mistress would go for our 'Camellia Suryasta' model. We would have refused to sell to the Foreman!
AMANO is the best selling tongue scraper in Selfridges, Harrods and Planet Organic and is also available online:




The festivities season is tougher than an Olympic Triathlon event - here's the perfect gift


The secret to a perfect season of festivities?

It's on the tip of your tongue

Looking for the perfect solution for solving the Christmas conundrum of, trying to maximize your pleasure, whilst minimizing the consequences?

The AMANO Tongue Cleanser could be it … well we are the best selling tongue scraper in both Selfridges and Harrods !

Let's face it, the festivities season is tougher than an Olympic Triathlon event – and your tongue needs to be in tip-top condition to perform at its very best.

Lets start with the fabulous food and wine you’ll be indulging in.

If you truly want to appreciate the taste subtleties, a dirty debris encrusted tongue is a very bad starting point. Simply put, a clean tongue will ensure all food and wine tastes that much better.

(Medical fact: food debris trapped on the tongue’s surface will inhibit your taste buds performance)

Secondly a hygienically clean tongue will give you the confidence to deliver a truly sensational uninhibited kiss under the mistletoe - with the person you have fancied all year! This won't come as a surprise but, after all that food and wine, your breath will not be at its very best - and you’ll probably need a little help. Luckily your AMANO comes with a nifty travel case.

(Medical fact: A staggering 80% of bad breath comes from the tongue’s surface)

Finally, last thing at night a clean tongue will also help you to better sleep off the excesses of the night. Remember, if ignored, all that rich food trapped on your tongue will most certainly play merry havoc in your mouth.

So make sure you wake up without the dreaded ‘bottom of a birdcage’ mouth – refreshed and ready to start all over again!

So you can see, the AMANO Tongue Cleanser can help you maximise the pleasurable opportunities throughout the Triathlon of festivities, whilst alleviating those adverse consequences!

The dental science bit

Our tongues are one third of the surface area of the mouth, with a surface like a deep-pile carpet. This makes it an excellent trap for food debris and bacteria that, if ignored, will lead to plaque build up (a ten times increase after just one week of an uncleaned tongue), heightened dental decay risk, bad breath – and a suppressed taste sensation.

Tongue scraping has been medically shown to alleviate these issues (and incidentally research has shown is almost twice as effective as merely using a toothbrush).

About the AMANO

The Italian made AMANO range is designed to add elegance to the 2000-year ritual of tongue scraping.

AMANO is now the best selling tongue scraper in both Selfridges and Harrods – London’s premier department stores.

With a price of £10 to £15 we are slightly more expensive than the competition, but we are designed to be swiftly effective and built to last (the record is over 20 years service!) That makes an AMANO a fantastic investment.

And our range of snazzy designs will look great on your bathroom shelf and as a gift for someone you really care for…

Simple to use, the nickel and chrome alloy head of the AMANO Tongue Cleanser is gently drawn down the tongue’s surface, elegantly removing all the offending debris in 2 or 3 strokes. And because of its precise design and weight – you should not gag with an AMANO.

(PS: A little bit of history: Tongue cleansing was all in vogue back in the C18th and C19th, with George Washington and Victorian Aristocracy firm advocates of the routine).


Part of the AMANO range of designs (price £10 to £15)

For more information including Hi-Res images:

Please contact me Jenny here:

Please see our website for dental profession + customer endorsements + medical science background:

The AMANO™ is the tongue scraper of choice for the Super Rich

The AMANO™ Tongue Cleanser appears to have achieved the exalted position of the tongue scraper of choice, for today's discerning super rich. 

Over the Summer of 2015, sales of the AMANO™ Tongue Cleanser rocketed in Harrods of Knightsbridge - purveyor of fine goods to the British Aristocracy for centuries - and now the Global Elite.

TATLER, the magazine for the British Upper Classes, started it all off with a glowing tribute in August written by Emma Freud (Great Grand-Daughter of Sigmund); 

"The AMANO Tongue Cleanser is leagues ahead of the rest of the field. At long last, I have managed to find SOMEONE who is taking tongue cleaning seriously" 

This was swiftly followed by a Customer from Long Island, New York, spending almost £400 on top end AMANOs from the online store and exclaiming; 

I have several residences and my husband and I already have 2 AMANOs at each location. I do not take them when I travel because I am afraid they will get lost or the airline will confiscate them. They are my prize possessions and I guard them"

To cap it all, an enlightened customer walked into Harrods and spent over £800 on an astonishing fifty four (54) AMANOs™ from the 2015 range of deluxe designs. 

Mano Manoharan, Owner and Founder of AMANO™ said; 

" Our 25 year mission has been to encourage people to also give their tongues some TLC when it comes to oral care. We set out to create the 'Rolex' of tongue cleaners - in terms of design, efficiency and durability. And judging by recent events we are certainly on track!"
"We have been told by Harrods that selling 54 of a single item, to one person, is something of a 'record' for a pharmacy product. Not surprisingly AMANO™ is by far their best selling tongue cleaner"


The Italian crafted AMANO™ Tongue Cleanser will swiftly and elegantly remove food and bacterial debris (and more) that causes bad breath and other oral care issues - with none of the dreaded 'gag' affect. 

For more details of the dental and medical benefits please see:

The AMANO™ Tongue Cleanser is available in select stores in London (such as Selfridges, Harrods and D.R. Harris), New York and Chicago and online - from £12 to £92.

The £15 price tag for a long lasting AMANO™ contrasts with disposable budget plastic tongue cleaners that typically cost from £1 to £6 each.

                            Part of the AMANO 2015 range in Harrods of Knightsbridge


For more information or Hi-Res images please contact:

Jenny Upson

If Michelle Pfeiffer had used an AMANO tongue scraper – she would have got to snog George

Do you remember the closing scene in the wonderful romcom, One Fine Day, staring Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney?

If you recall, the two hard pressed single parents, played by George and Michelle, had finally got to the end of a very hectic child focused day.

Their kids were asleep (finally).

And now they had a chance to have a little quality adult time … (if you catch my drift).

But Michelle halted an overly eager George in his tracks with this line;

“Let me first freshen up, so I’ll feel a little more like a woman - and less like a dead mommy”

She then disappeared into her bathroom and went through an elaborate hygiene routine – that included shaving her legs, brushing her teeth and then, cleaning her tongue - thoroughly.

Quite right Michelle – before that all-important 1st kiss with George, it’s best to have your tongue in absolute tiptop shape (you clearly know that is where 80% of bad breath emanates from!)

But horror of horrors!

Michelle proceeds to clean her tongue with a TOOTHBRUSH!


(I think Michelle seems to agree with us)

Now as every AMANO fan knows, brushing your tongue – as opposed to scraping, has 3 major disadvantages:

    1. Brushing with a toothbrush merely shifts the offending debris around your tongue, not OFF it*
    2. This will thus become a very time consuming activity – and you WILL end up ‘GAGGING’ (because the tongues ‘reflex’ action is trained to try and suck anything placed on it down your throat).
    3. So instead of taking a mere 5 seconds swiftly employing 3 pleasant and effective scrapes of the AMANO – you spend an eternity with a toothbrush (and of course there is no ‘GAG' affect with an AMANO because of its precise weight and design).

So George, exhausted after his stressful day, ends up falling asleep on the couch – whilst waiting for Michelle to return from her hygiene routine!

THUS – final shot of the film - a disappointed Michelle goes for 2nd best option and ends up snuggling up to him (granted not that bad an outcome).

So the lesson is pretty clear then folks.

If you ever have the chance to kiss George Clooney – don’t make the same mistake Michelle did.

Use an AMANO tongue scraper to achieve a sweet 'kissing with confidence mouth' – in seconds.

And thus make the most of your One Hell of a Fine Day!

  • Research (Journal of Periodontology 2004) shows scraping with a decent metal scraper, such as the AMANO, is nearly twice as effective as using a brush!

(AMANO is the best selling tongue scraper in Selfridges, Harrods and D.R. Harris)

“My six AMANOs are my prize possessions - and I guard them! “

We received this simply wonderful mail last week from ‘Lorraine in Long Island, New York’

Hi Jenny, 

I have been a fan of AMANO tongue cleaner since 1992. I purchased my first one in London on a trip. I have a friend that lives in London and asked her to get me 5 more so I already own 6. They are my prize possessions and I guard them.

I have several residences and my husband and I have 2 at each location. I do not take them when I travel because I am afraid they will get lost or the airline will confiscate.

I tried to buy more several years ago but they were unavailable at the time. So glad to see you are back in business. I am probably your biggest American advocate. I will give a few out as gifts this Christmas.

Thanks again for a fabulous product that makes a difference in the way you feel each day.

You cannot put a price tag on it!  

Lorraine, Long Island, New York

WOW! As the Brand Owner – what can you say to that type of feedback?

It makes our (almost) 25 year mission (to rid the world of dirty tongues) all the more worthwhile - when we mange to make such a tangible and sustained impact on someone’s life! (And all for less than £12!)

As every Marketer and Brand Strategist knows, a true advocate can be priceless – and the VERY best sort is a highly satisfied customer, such as Lorraine.

Or Rhiannon, who found the AMANO tongue cleanser a tremendous help when she was having chemotherapy treatment.

Or Claire even, who eulogised about the ‘super-stylish’ AMANO in The Huffington Post recently.

Back in 2012, a Nielsen Report, "Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages," reported that 92% of consumers around the world say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends over all other forms of advertising. 

That makes sense in a world of marketing message bombardment and overload.

Here at AMANO we will continue to try and build the World’s PREMIUM tongue cleaning brand – slowly (perhaps) but surely - on the solid foundations, of our passionate Dental Profession and Customer Advocates

(Aligned of course to a brilliantly designed and crafted product).

To all our Advocates – Thank You!



Emma Freud tells TATLER readers; "AMANO is leagues ahead of the field"


We made it into Tatler magazine this month ...

In case you were unaware, this is THE magazine for the British Upper and Aristocratic classes 

Nestling between shots of the rich, famous and Royal is an article by Emma Freud, Great Grand-Daughter of Sigmund, on gadgets for - 'people you dislike' (because, despite their immense wealth and privilege, they may still have, how can we put this delicately; 'mouth hygiene issues')

Emma endorses the AMANO BIG TIME, as an effective, stylish and long lasting cure for bad breath and much much more. Elevating the AMANO brand to a must-have gadget for the discerning (and oral conscious) person of Nobility:

"The AMANO Tongue Cleanser is leagues ahead of the rest of the field. At long last, I have managed to find SOMEONE who is taking tongue cleaning seriously" 

Here is the full Tatler piece - which includes the fact that we have customers STILL using their Original AMANO's, after 20 years.


Check out the on-line version here:

Thanks Emma :)

(And our lips are TIGHTLY sealed as to which particular Lord or Lady places an AMANO order ;)

(AMANO is available from good stores such as Selfridges, Harrods and D.R. Harris)

The Oldest Apothecary in America now stocks the AMANO

We are very excited to announce that C.O.Bigelow of Sixth Avenue, New York now stocks the AMANO range (and sells it on their website).

As they say on their stylish website:

Our landmark apothecary has been providing prescriptions, healing remedies, unique and unusual beauty products and hard to find apothecary items since 1838.

Indeed Eleanor Roosevelt was a customer in the 1940s and Thomas Edison soothed a sore finger there in the 1880s.

Check out the rich and noble C.O.Bigelow heritage here:

On display in the Big Apple

Tenuous maybe - but we are wondering if C.O.Bigelow would consider adding Founding Father and First President, George Washington, to their Presidential gallery of fame...?

Well he was a very keen tongue scraping advocate and amazingly his ornate scraper can still be seen at Mount Vernon.

To keep the tradition bang up to date - we think it would be highly appropriate (and an honour) to send President Obama a Limited Edition Original AMANO 1992 ...

(Does anyone happen to know his mailing address ?)



Watch Chris Evans taking the AMANO Tongue Cleanser out for a test drive

This is Top Gear for your tongue ! 

CLICK HERE to see it perform

Way way back in 1992, the year we launched deluxe tongue cleansers onto an unsuspecting world - Chris Evans, the new Presenter of BBC's Top Gear - road tested the Original, all austenitic steel,  AMANO Tongue Cleanser live on his Big Breakfast Show.

It handled perfectly (like an Aston Martin DB5 maybe?)

And James Whale also tried it out (on an attractive girl in the audience) on his late night TV show;

"If everybody did this, kissing would be far better ... this is very intimate isn't it"

Check out the 2015 AMANO  'kissing with confidence' range here:

Following a number of enquiries we have bowed to popular pressure and released a strictly Limited Edition of The Original AMANO 1992 - in it's original 'classic' packaging.